The spirit of our project has been to conquer new markets based on the new world economy that is outlining changes unthinkable up to 10 years ago. In particular, the project was addressed on four main directives: CHINA, DUBAI, RUSSIA and USA.

To understand our project we need to combine some driving factors, which are in principle with the trend of the real estate market, which drives the furniture industry, and the economic trend of the target countries that justify the purchase of hi-end products from us marketed in these countries.

As for the GDP of China and the United States, we are all in a strong recovery, so we decided to invest in these countries, while at the same time opportunities were opened in DUBAI and in RUSSIA (a country particularly important for national exports in our sector, that of luxury furniture) that have given the opportunity to move some investments, connected to the opening of showrooms, right on the latter.

Also important are the federal tax relief in the US that have restarted the real estate sector, especially luxury.
With these assumptions absolutely positive, the creation of a partnership for the conquest of new spaces was the natural continuation of companies that have known each other for a long time and who want to share the burdens and honors of conquering new markets.

The planned activities followed a format that we want to replicate in different markets, so as to extend it in other countries that will prove interesting in the coming years, starting from the showrooms as the heart of the project.Le attività svolte sono state:

  1. Showroom opening in China, Dubai, Russia and the United States;
  2. Creation of a promotional website in Chinese, Turkish, Russian and English;
  3. Event realization, both on site and in the form of incoming in Italy;
  4. Participation in exhibitions in the target countries and also in Russia.