Create your own Range

We have an artisanal heart
with a high technology mind.

For Officine Gullo imagining a space dedicated to cooking and where we spend many convivial moments of our lives, it means placing the client, as a person, with all of his/her passions and wishes in a central role of the project.


Cooking Islands

It is because of this that for the birth of every new kitchen we have a fundamental prerequisite: A meeting with the client and a thorough analysis of the location that will house the kitchen. The building blocks of the project are laid with the future owner of the kitchen, who will become together with us, through his wishes and requests, the inventor. Many times it is the client that together with us manages to invent innovative layouts and distribution of the space, or new colour combinations together with suggestive finishings. Once designed, the project goes through a thorough analysis run by our team of technicians that verify its functionality and therefore engineer the project.

Island - Elements

The Combination
that fits you

Refrigerators Compositions

The go-ahead from the technicians opens the road for the graphical presentation of the project where our CGI and 3D artists develop photorealistic renderings and insert the Kitchen in ground-breaking Virtual Reality, making the project come to life. Only then, after the confirmation of the client, do the doors of production open to finally make the kitchen a beautiful reality.