Thanks to dynamic air mixing, the enormous power of the new heating elements and of the fresh steam generator is ideally distributed throughout the cooking cabinet.
Cooking cabinet temperatures up to 300 °C and intelligent climate management allow grilling, crisping or gratinating, even with full loads. It also sets new standards at low temperatures, such as when poaching fish, eggs or when preparing delicate desserts such as crème caramel.
Precise temperature and humidity regulation, the powerful fresh steam generator, intelligent cooking of all kinds of products and automatic cleaning offer both professional chefs and temporary staff all the functions of an ideal cooking system.
Thanks to the control panel is not above the unit, but placed on the left next to the door for ergonomic and technical reasons.
This provides optimum operating safety and protects the electronic components from long- term damage from escaping steam.



Planning notes


WIDTH: 721 mm | DEPTH: 600 mm | HEIGHT: 1195 mm