Convection. Economy convection. Top + bottom heat. Top + 1/3 bottom heat. Top heat. 1/3 top + bottom heat. Bottom heat. Convection + bottom heat. Convection + 1/3 bottom heat. Convection broiling. Broiling. Compact grill. Baking stone operation. Roaster function. Dough proofing. Defrosting. Keeping warm. Meat probe with automatic shut-off. Rotisserie spit. Baking stone outlet. Actual temperature display. Super-quick preheating. Timer functions: cooking time, switchoff time, short-term timer, stopwatch, Sabbath mode. 60 W halogen top light. 2 x 10 W halogen light on the side. Enamel wire racks on the sidewalls with 5 rack levels, pyrolytic-safe.


Thermally insulated door with quadruple glazing. Child lock. Safety shut-off. Cooled housing with temperature protection.


Pyrolytic self-cleaning. Gaggenau Clean-Enamel. Heated air cleaning catalyst.

Planning notes


WIDTH: 29 5/8″ in | DEPTH: 21 11/16″ | HEIGHT: 26 3/8″