No synthetic protective varnishes have been used to obtain the special burnishing effect on the burnished brass details in order to avoid spoiling the beauty of the brass with an artificial patina. The antique finish of the surface is the result of natural oxidation that has simply been accelerated. All the natural antique finish brass surfaces can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water, accompanied by the use of an abrasive pad (the green color type used for washing dishes). It is recommended that the metal be rubbed, uniformly applying light pressure, use caution as this will remove some of the patina if rubbed excessvily. The brass details should then be dried. Do not use metal polish as this is suitable not to clean the antique finish and could result in loos of the color and patina. Oxidation that may appear over time on the burnished brass surfaces is a normal characteristic of our craft metal working processes.

Planning notes


WIDTH: 39,5 cm | DEPTH: 39,5 cm | HEIGHT: 18 cm