Hot air + 100 % humidity. Hot air + 80 % humidity. Hot air + 60 % humidity. Hot air + 30 % humidity. Hot air + 0 % humidity. Dough proofing. Defrosting. Regenerating. Low temperature cooking.


Child lock. Safety shut-off. Cooled housing with temperature protection.


Cleaning aid. Drying programme. Descaling programme. Grease filter, dishwasher-safe.

Planning notes

Door hinge not reversible. No other electrical appliances should be installed above the BS. The outer edge of the door handle extends 72 mm from the furniture cavity. Necessary lateral gap between appliance door and furniture panel of min. 5 mm. When planning a corner solution, pay attention to the 110¡ door opening angle. To achieve the 550 mm installation depth, the connection cable needs to follow the slanted edge on the corner of the housing. The mains socket needs to be planned outside of the built-in niche.


WIDTH: 590 mm | DEPTH: 547 mm | HEIGHT: 455 mm