Double inlet direct coupling engines and impeller with forward curved blades. The ability to adjust the speed using a specially designed speed variator. hoods are equipped with inertial labyrinth antigrease filters in stainless steel. The inertial filter takes advantage of the compressions and expansions of the air forced to pass through the slots of the filtering structure. The following benefits are therefore achieved: high degree of separation of fat (up to 70%), high capacity air distribution on the surface of the hood, effective flame retardant barrier.


The appliance must only be used for the purpose for which it has been conceived, i.e., the intake of fumes from inside kitchens produced by food being cooked. Any other use is considered improper and, as such, dangerous.


Clean the surfaces daily and thoroughly with a damp cloth. You can use soap and water or ordinary detergents provide they contain no abrasives or chlorate substances.

Planning notes


WIDTH: 1880 mm | DEPTH: 707 mm | HEIGHT: 700 mm