No-frost technology with fast freezing. Temperature adjustable from -14 °C to
-25 °C.
4-star freezer compartment. Freezing capacity 20 kg/24 h.
Storage time after a malfunction 14 h. 4 solid metal shelves, 3 of which are manually adjustable.
2 fully extendable drawers with transparent front, 1 of which large, 1 regular.
Bright interior lighting with light pillars. 4 height-adjustable door racks, 1 of which is extra
1 door rack with transparent front flap.

Ice maker:
Integrated, with fixed inlet water connection.
Can be switched off.
Ice cube production approx. 1.4 kg/24 h.
Removable ice storage container with
approx. 4 kg capacity.



Planning notes

Flat hinge.
Door hinge left, reversible.
Door opening angle of 115°, fixable at
Max. door panel weight 18 kg.
Shut-off valve for water connection
must be planned next to the appliance
and always be accessible.
If the water pressure exceeds 0.8 MPa
(8 bar), connect pressure relief valve
between water tap and hose set.


WIDTH: 756 mm | DEPTH: 608 mm | HEIGHT: 2125 mm