Planning notes

(i) The supply line must be equipped with an approved external gas shut-off valve located near the range in an accessible location. Do not block access to the shut-off valve.
(ii) The unit is supplied with a gas regulator for each gas connection, the regulator(s) must be installed under or behind the cabinets adjacent to the Range and never behind or under the range it self. Not doing this will void the product warranty.
(iii) If the range is installed between wood cabinet, those must be on legs so that the proper ventilation and air flow is available to the range.
(iv) Locate the electrical supply flush with the wall or floor and within the area shown in the illustration.
(v) Gas location shown only represents actual connection on the appliance.


WIDTH: 66 1/8″ in | DEPTH: 28 3/4″ in | HEIGHT: 38 1/16″ in