WIDTH1770 mm
HEIGHT1300 mm
DEPTH650 mm
COOKING AREA900 (Square Inches), 5780 (cm2 )


WIDTH2000 mm
HEIGHT1300 mm
DEPTH650 mm
COOKING AREA1150 (Square Inches), 2920 (cm2 )


WIDTH2400 mm
HEIGHT1300 mm
DEPTH650 mm
COOKING AREA1395 (Square Inches), 3543 (cm2 )


The new OFFICINE GULLO BBQ – Gas Grills come with at least 8 burners in total, and can grill up to 42 hamburgers at once. That’s not those wimpy, freezer burned, store bought ones, but large and juicy, hand made, 4-inch patties. But you’re grilling on a OG BBQ grill! You’re not going to be making burgers, unless you’re hosting the most amazing block party ever. You’re going to be grilling gourmet meals on the 9.5-millimeter, stainless steel cooking grids. While you’re busy grilling up the perfect steak, or slow grilling the perfect roast, you can cook amazing side dishes on the ceramic infrared side burner. Not just for quickly searing the perfect steak, the ceramic brick heats to 1,800°F in just over 30 seconds and can be used to make sauces, boil water, and even sauté.


Direct grilling, searing, and sautéing aren’t the only things you can do like a PRO on this grill. OFFICINE GULLO has pushed the envelope again when it comes to innovative grill design. The OG-BBQ Gas Grills come with an integrated smoking tray that even has its own dedicated 8,000 BTU burner. Place soaked wood chips into the smoking tray and turn your OG-BBQ series into a smoker. However, the innovation doesn’t stop there, because this grill also has built-in halogen lights to illuminate the grill for late evening grilling ease. There is even a power bar built-in to the grill base; this powers the lights and leaves you with available outlets for the rotisserie or any other electrical device you may need. The infrared rear burner puts out an amazing 18,000 BTU’s of power, helping you to create professional tasting rotissed meals.

Innovations don’t stop with the smoker tube and built-in grill lights. The OG-BBQ series control panel has been redesigned to give a sleek and more professional look. The control knobs have been fitted with the new NIGHT LIGHT system. The knobs glow a brilliant blue while working in the evening, lighting your controls without interfering with the interior halogen lights. That’s not the only bright idea either. Inside your grill cabinet, open the soft close doors to reveal interior lights on your storage shelves and a slide out propane tray for easy hookup when you change the tank.


Officine Gullo’s OG-BBQ Gas Grills prove that you can improve upon perfection. The ignition system is now tucked away so that it is further protected from any grease that may escape the sear plates. This improves the longevity and effectiveness of the igniters. The OG-BBQ series have awesome lighting capabilities. Its’ igniters light the individual burners, but if a burner doesn’t light for some reason, cross lighting will take over and light the burners you desire. Wheels that used to be hidden under the stylish ped estal base are now easier to access and lock for added stability. There are also two new larger wheels so that you can easily move the OG-BBQ grill around the yard and over rough terrain. Inside the soft close cabinet doors, you will find three tool hooks for additional storage, and even a bottle opener with cap bucket for your drinks.

Don’t think that Officine Gullo has forgotten the classic details that make their grills so fantastic. The generous 16.75-inch side shelves are the perfect place to rest your plate and store your sauces and rubs while grilling. Having a party or need something to stay chilled? The OG-BBQ Grill has you covered, the integrated ice bucket is the perfect place to keep your drinks, fish, and other food chilled while you grill. We’ve thought of everything when it comes to this grill. Find out for yourself how PRO you can go with the new OFFICINE GULLO OG-BBQ Gas Grills.

9.5 mm Stainless Steel
WAVE Cooking Grids

control knobs and interior lights
for late night entertaining

Available as a natural
gas or propane unit

side burner

Built-in power bar in the back to power
interior lights and doubles as a convenient
outlet for rotisserie kit and other electrical devices

Deluxe high top, space saving  LIFT EASE roll top  lid with polished chrome  trim accents and handle

Premium stainless steel side  shelves with integrated beverage  holders and ice/marinade bucket  with cutting board

Stainless steel cooking system with JETFIRE ignition

Integrated wood chip smokertray pulls out for easy filling and is lit with a dedicated  gas tube burner

Two soft-closing cabinet doors